VR Pediatric MRI Training

In pediatrics, using an MRI can be a daunting and scary procedure for the children about to undertake the exam. In research scenarios, literature states that when working with pediatric subjects up to 30% of MRI data is unusable due to excess motion or fear during the scan. For clinically necessary scans, a child will be sedated if they are unable to stay still or comply with behaviors necessary for the procedure. Lumeum's VR MRI is a virtual exposure therapy experience for children who are about to undergo an MRI. The child simply puts on a virtual reality headset, and is shown a CGI recreation of the MRI experience. The child is familiarized with a virtual radiology suite, is habituated to the sounds of the scanner, and is trained to stay still during an MRI in order to get quality images. Furthermore, using the native motion tracking sensors in virtual reality headsets, the VR MRI Mock Scanner can measure the child’s head movement and provide visual stimuli telling the participant when excessive motion has taken place. The VR MRI alleviates fear and anxiety, and reduces the need for sedation in pediatric imaging.

VR for Seniors

Lumeum's senior VR platform allows people with limited mobility to visit the outside world using VR. Seniors can experience swimming with dolphins, touring the seven wonders of the world, and even taking a trip to space, all from the comfort of their senior communities. We borrow techniques from Reminiscence Therapy to provide personalized experiences that jog seniors memories and help them connect to their past. The utilization of VR to improve the lives of older adults has been the subject of many academic research papers. We see these papers as proof that VR is an important tool to ease the burdens of the aging process, and has a place in the toolkit of every Senior Community.

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